“I would like to send a massive thank you to the amazing Georgia!! I have come home sore in body, but very excited in spirit and this is due to the fantastic environment I spent my weekend in, the amazing women I was with, but mostly due to Georgia’s ability to facilitate and design a program that took us all on a journey of discovery and enlightenment! From the first activity to the last, it was perfectly planned! The things I thought not possible, with support and encouragement from Georgia, became possible. The negative words I used to define myself and my future replaced with powerful and positive words! I thank Georgia from, my now ‘loveable and brave’ heart, and look forward to catching up soon."

Caitlin BakerWomen in Business Ubuntu Leadership Retreat, Melbourne

“Georgia did an amazing job facilitating our corporate team building experience!"

Greencross VetsVictoria, Australia

“Georgia was awesome! She was very helpful and went the extra mile when developing, and facilitating a program designed for our student to overcome their fears and discover what they’re truly capable of. Georgia was very encouraging & supportive of our girls who found it challenging”

Sacred Heart CollegeGeelong, Australia

“Georgia went above & beyond to make our camp at The Summit an amazing experience. She could not have been any better, interacting with both school staff and students incredibly well, making life easier for us; always approachable & up for a laugh! She was also able & willing to integrate her personal faith into our program, which was just fantastic for our students to have a Christian facilitator.”

Belgrave Heights Christian SchoolMelbourne, Australia.

“Kudos to Georgia for her excellent program management and communication during our group's team building experience, and her flexibility and skill to adjust the training to cater specifically to our needs as the program progressed”

Australian Airforce Cadets

“Georgia was outstanding”

Nicole LivingstoneAustralian Olympic Medalist

“I was connected with Georgia at a very young age, and had the privilege of being coached by her at different stages throughout my teenage years. She quickly became someone I looked up to, and continue to look to as I journey into adulthood. Radiating warmth, Georgia is best described as a beautiful, strong and natural leader with a genuinely loving nature, who will go out of her way no matter what the cost, to help people reach their fullest potential. Georgia also carries a humble self-confidence about her which has encouraged me to take confidence in myself, dream big, and live life to the fullest.”

Alicia McNamaraPhysiotherapy Student, La Trobe University

“Georgia has been not only a coach but friend to me for many years now. She has been fun, kind, provided a listening ear and thought-provoking challenges for me to reflect upon. Her influence has seen me seek strength from God & from others, and to grow & challenge myself to become my own person.”

Elizabeth FindlayBusiness Management Student, Deakin University

“The influence Georgia Pearson has had on me is truly a gift. It is rare to meet someone with such a genuine sense of who they are, and who at their very essence is pure kindness. Using her vibrancy and passion for life, Georgia helped set me on the path to discovering my truth, unleashing my talent and above all, recognizing my own self-worth”

Ellen FitzpatrickKick-Arse Outdoor Facilitator, The Summit.

“Georgia taught me how to use my personality traits to my advantage. It wasn’t your average personal development or leadership training. It was more in-depth and I learnt how to connect with others at their level to make communication easier and more meaningful.”

James HallVolunteer Fire Fighter, Australia.

“Georgia & I have worked together over the last two years with the goal of developing personal performance and culture amongst a team. Georgia has a unique ability to look at an individual or team and assist them to identify what needs to be worked on to ensure positive change. Not only can she pin point obstacles, Georgia’s kind and caring nature also allows her to put her findings to the team or individual in a positive and effective way, creating a safe space for empowerment and transformation. This, together with her excellent work ethic and passion to follow up with the provision of support to ensure these changes are continually being implemented, makes Georgia a fantastic coach & colleague, and someone who I will continue to work with for years to come”

Paul ShallardHead of Water, Camp Tamarack, Canada.