When I was a teenager, I always struggled to identify my greatest skill. I was alright to pretty good at most things – art, sport, drama, etc. I always applied 110% of myself to everything & reaped the academic results, but in spite of this… I wasn’t a freak in any particular area. Being School Captain was a huge honour… living with strong integrity seemed to reward me spiritually & with great friendships. It helped me to influence those around me, but how do you base a career path on the content of your character? I really, truly was passionate about ‘being the change’ I wanted to see in the world… but what does that look like?!!!


It wasn’t until I invested a great amount of time, money & love into my own personal development, further education, spiritual growth and life experiences over the years that I realised my passion was people, and that my greatest skill is relationships! I strongly believe that God has purposed me with the privilege of assisting people to know their worth, but more specifically, to champion WOMEN to ‘own their greatness and colour their world’! You know that feeling when you’re watching The Voice, and all of a sudden you’re overcome with emotion when someone just has the most incredible talent and you just really want them to succeed?! You’re hoping just as much as they do that a chair turns around; that they’ll get the break they’ve been waiting for…?!!! It’s a feeling I identify with every time my clients are kicking goals & seeing break-throughs!!! I don’t have any desire to be the person on the stage… instead, it’s my privilege to champion others… to champion YOU!!!


Community is also vitally important to me. Building them, helping maintain them, keeping them strong & healthy, and belonging to one myself is crucial for me personally to experience maximum fulfilment. I’m a big believer that the human race was wired to thrive in community, and that each person deserves a place to belong. This is especially vital for women because of our emotional wiring. So…


I founded BEING THE CHANGE for 2 reasons.


Firstly, to coach women to know their worth – own their greatness & know what they’re truly capable of in every area of their life! HOWEVER, I’m a big believer that life is not all about ourselves. Life only has purpose and meaning when we live to serve others! But it is only when we truly understand and embrace our own worth & greatness that we can most effectively have influence on the world around us. So, founding BEING THE CHANGE was never solely about lifestyle coaching but as the name suggests, it was also created as a platform for community transformation. For us women to support each other to ‘colour our world’; to feel supported in ‘BEING THE CHANGE’ in our families, work place, community & indeed around the world!


Bobbie Houston (a remarkable woman who’s been an incredible inspiration to me over the past few years) once said, “I believe the seeds of greatness are within us all. The key is in creating the correct environment for them to then surface into reality”. BEING THE CHANGE is that environment. So please, whether you want the personal support – Coaching, or to join the community – The Lounge – it’s time to connect & join the family!