I really am ‘Being the Change’.

Literally. Across the globe. My distinctive style of coaching has influenced growth & transformation from Melbourne to Dili, Canada, London & beyond. Why? Because I start with emotions – not goals.

The truth is, goals are good, but they won’t give you worth & don’t give you love.
Coaching should never be just about goals. It’s about how you feel, mastering these emotions and then turning what you want to feel into something tangible. . Unless your goals are part of a greater lifestyle design, what happens after you achieve? Don’t limit your potential to achievements – you are worth so much more! First and foremost, I want you to feel great about who you are... THEN you can feel great when you achieve something awesome! Goals therefore become the result of owning your greatness – a process of embracing your value, harnessing your abilities, and choosing to use them in a deliberate way to liberate and impact your world.

My distinctive coaching style drives a gentle push outside your comfort zone, will challenge your vulnerability in a safe space, and with a teaspoon of honesty nurture you from a place of love. It is my passion and immense privilege to walk beside the most incredible women to own their greatness, & champion you as you colour your world; creating positive & lasting impact as you light up not only your own life, but also the lives your influence touches!

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